Brenton Reef Lightship (LV39) or bust with Daybreaker..

I had a great dive today on the Brenton Reef Lightship (LV39). Matt and Marissa nailed the shotline drop and we were right on it.

Since Matt was having some slight technical difficulties I decided to join Josh and Nate on their dive.  Diving with them is always great because that means you’re almost guarantied entertainment and some good pictures especially with Nate 🙂  It’s like having your own personal photographer. Visibility was at least 25ft in some spots judging from horizontal distance from strobes.

Brenton Reef Lightship (LV39)
Max depth: 176fsw
Runtime: 65 minutes
Visibility: 20-25ft.
Water Temp: 40f at bottom and 49-51f on deco.  Although Nate’s deco singing/tunes need some work.
Diluent: 15/50
Bailouts: 21/35 and 50% (AL80s)

I’ve attached some of Josh’s photos since I didnt bring a camera or GoPro on this dive. I hope he doesn’t mind; they’re watermarked so I’m not trying to steal them. Comments were already made about my backwards bottle labels. I’ve already replaced them with new ones due to mild OCD.

I forgot that I left out one “minor” detail and that was my rEvodream (secondary redundant PPo2 monitor) apparently shit the bed on me doing that dive.  Not normally a huge deal but it happened on a 180ft dive.  Luckily I knew that my Shearwater Petrel has 3 valid cells and new cells so I opted to continue the dive. rEvo police will probably tar and feather me for doing that.    For those unaware that is one of the advantages of diving a rEvo rebreather. It has redundant ppO2 monitoring systems that don’t share O2 cells, wiring or batteries.  Because of that I was able to continue and/or end the dive while staying on the rebreather rather than bailing out.

A little history, my rEvodream had actually started “acting up” in March this year while I was down in Florida. I suspect that I had a short or water in the HUD cable because what would happen was my rEvodream HUD would momentarily turn off and then go right back to normal.   It happened a few more times after I got back from Florida but then suddenly it started working perfectly again.

Because I was already in Florida I actually had purchased a brand new “used” rEvodream from AddHelium for a hot spare backup.  I just never got around to installing it because ironically after Florida my current rEvodream started to “act” normal again.  I guess I know what I will be doing tonight/tomorrow. 🙂

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