Gear Review: Deep Six Eddy Fins

Deep Six Eddy Fins

Deep Six Eddy Fins

I ordered a new set of fins a couple weeks ago while at Beneath The Sea.  They are called the Deep Six Eddy Fins and are great option for anyone looking for a neutrally buoyant Jetfin-style fin similar to OMS Slipstreams or the UTD Precision Fins. Although they are made by a relatively new scuba gear company called Deep Six, the owner Chris Richardson formerly managed HOG/Edge and is well-known within the diving community.

UPDATE: 06-12-2017 If you want to purchase a pair of these fins, use the coupon code “WRECKLESSDIVER” to get small discount on any Deep 6 product. Feel free to send me am message or email and I’d be glad to answer any questions.

Neutrally Buoyant Fins?

A little background information, a lot of rebreather and sidemount divers tend to prefer a lightweight and neutrally buoyant fin to help with trim issues.  While I can’t really speak on the sidemount aspect, most rebreathers tend to be butt heavy due to placement of tanks/valves. A lighter fin will often help with this issue and can alleviate minor trim issues.

Despite the fact that ScubaPro Jetfins, with their many clones, or even the Hollis F1 fins are fantastic fins for diving a heavy set doubles and/or drysuit diving they are not optimal fins for rebreather divers or for anyone who needs a lightweight fin for traveling.

A lot of people consider the “holy grail” of rebreather fins to be OMS Slipstreams or even the Dive Rite XT Fins. Both fins have their very ardent supporters and you truthfully really can’t go wrong with either of them.  I myself am a huge fan of OMS Slipstreams. I even hoarded multiple pairs in different sizes when OMS stopped producing them before being bought out by DUI.

Enter the Deep Six Eddy Fins. At first glance they look like your standard run-of-the-mill Jetfin clone however this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Unlike Jetfins/Slipsteams the foot pocket is shaped different and more much accommodating.  I think the running joke here is that the Eddy Fins are actually designed to fit human feet.   So far I’ve found them slightly more comfortable than my OMS Slipstreams although to be honest I never found my Slipstreams to be uncomfortable.   I am just stating that I think the Deep Six fins are more comfortable.

ScubaPro Jetfin, OMS Slipstreams and Deep Six Eddy Fin
ScubaPro Jetfin, OMS Slipstreams and Deep Six Eddy Fins

Sizing / Foot Pocket

I wear a size ML TurboTec boot on my drysuit and wear a size 8-8.5 men’s shoe.  With JetFins or Slipstreams I need to use a pair of XL fins with my drysuit however due to size/shape of foot pocket on the Deep Six Eddy Fins the size large fins fit perfectly.

XL ScubaPro Fin Pocket
XL ScubaPro Fin Pocket
Deep Six Eddy Fins
Comparison of XL Slipstream and L Eddy Fins foot pocket

IMG_20170413_202320 (Custom)

In addition to being neutrally buoyant, they’re also short with a very stiff blade similar to Jetfins/Slipstreams. It’s a design you’ll instantly recognize. They definitely seem stiffer than Jetfins and Slipstreams.   They are very good fins for frogkicking or back kicking. I assume they’re also good for flutter kicks too but I forget how to do those. 🙂 Like all good fins should they also come standard with adjustable spring straps.

Lastly..they are available in orange which is fantastic for low visibility diving or if you want to look like you have duck feet. The orange makes you really easy to spot above and below water!  Have no fear though if you’re a no-fun curmudgeon or DIR-type they are also available in tried-and-true black so you won’t get kicked out of the quarry.

Deep Six Eddy Fins
This is what Deep Six Eddy fins look like on the surface.

This is not my video but it gives you an idea of how light they are.

So what is the final consensus?

While I only have 5 dives on these fins so far I think they are quickly becoming a new favorite.   I’m really digging the orange and I find the foot pockets to be very comfortable.

Deep Six Eddy Fins

Deep Six Eddy FIns
One of these things is not like the other..

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19 Thoughts to “Gear Review: Deep Six Eddy Fins”

  1. Matt Birk

    Thanks for the great review! Can you send me your coupon code? Thanks!

  2. CK

    Hi Macado,

    My name is CK, really enjoy of your blog review and lots of useful information.

    I read your gear review of the fins, very interested in the Deep 6 Orange fins, and would like to purchase a set of these cause I trust you.

    Is it you can supply me a coupon code to get special price from the manufacturer ?

    Thanks and regards,

    1. Hi CK,

      I’ll shoot you an email with an promo code.


      1. CK Wong

        Hi Mike,
        I am so appreciate of your help, thank you so much !
        I have contacted Deep 6 already, you are the best !

  3. Andy

    Based on you excellent review, sounds exactly like what I need. Could you please pn me the promo code? Thanks

  4. IDM

    I’ve been interested in these fins. Do these fit in a carry on luggage? I also have an XL sized foot like you. If so, I’m interested in that coupon code.

    1. Hi. Yeah the fit in carry on luggage for me. I’ll email you a coupon code.


  5. John

    Hi Mike, thanks for the review. I am also interested in these fins for use in sidemount. Would you say that you are able to fit your foot deeper into the foot pocket of the Eddy fins than the Jets or Slipstreams? Could you send me the coupon code? Thanks.

    1. Yeah. At least for me the foot pocket is better than Slipstreams. They seem to fit my feet a lot better. I’ll email you a coupon code.

  6. John

    Awesome review! Thank you very much!
    I am also very interested in these fins.
    Do you think XL is Suitable for US Size 12?

    Regards, John

    1. Hi John, I would think it should work. It depends on the type of boot on your wetsuit or drysuit. If they are not thick soled I think it would work. They are also available in XXL in Black. I would send them an email at and double check. They are good about exchanging sizes if for whatever reason it doesnt fit.

  7. Ilan Friedland

    Interesting review…
    Looking for a stiff & light version of the SP Jet.
    Will try them for sure.
    Pls send coupon code.

  8. Patrick

    Hey Mike, thanks for the review! I am interested in getting a pair or 2 of these fins. (one for my wife and one for myself). any idea how much softer is the ‘soft’ version?

    1. Hi Patrick,

      The softer material is not too much softer but I still recommend the normal/stiff version which is better for frogkicks. It’s just a tad less stiff and more flexible. The size small/softer version is better for those who aren’t frogkicking. I’d recommend them to someone who doesn’t have strong leg muscles. There is not a huge difference from my understanding but the stiff version was too much for many smaller folks. Hope this helps,

  9. Lisa

    Hi Mike

    Excellent review, we are thinking of getting some of these fins, could you mail me a voucher code please?

    I have a question. I am a working Divemaster (in Thailand) and frog kick but will need the small fins which are softer. I am quite tall (just with small feet) I have also had some knee surgery in the last year and so one knee is weak. Do you think these would be suitable for me?

    Thanks Lisa

    1. I think they would be fine for that. I prefer the stiff version of the fin but you may want to try the softer version of the fins. They will frogkick almost as good.

      1. I forgot to mention you can use the promotion code “WRECKLESSDIVER” to get a small discount if you purchase fins or any other Deep 6 product.

        Hope this helps,

  10. Louis Prandi

    Great Review, looking forward to getting a pair. Could you send me a coupon code as well? Thanks!

  11. I sent you an email but you can use the promotion code “WRECKLESSDIVER” to get a small discount if you purchase fins or any other Deep 6 product.

    Hope this helps,

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