New York Central 14-II & Chester Poling with Daybreaker

Matt on Chester Poling

I had two nice dives today on the Daybreaker.  We dove the Pug and the Chester Poling since Matt was doing a helitrox class with Sang and Eric on their rebreathers.  I think John may have been tagging along for Advanced Nitrox/Deco Procedures training as well.

We had surprisingly decent visibility on the New York Central 14-II which tends to have crappier visibility in the summer.   The good thing about the New York Central 14-II aka Pug wreck is that the hull is largely intact so it’s an extremely easy wreck to navigate (i.e, almost impossible to get lost). The entire wreck is covered in frilled anemones; I really wish I had dual strobes or more powerful video lights.  There is small decent amount of scallops on the washout near the side of the wreck although I didnt bring a bag with me this time.

On the 2nd dive we went to the ever popular Chester Poling stern.  20-25ft of visibility. The highlight of the dive was a massive lumpfish on the deck.    There were also about 4-5 big cod under the wreck near the break in front. No wolf fish though..I havent seen him for a few years. I’m pretty sure he is gone for good.

New York Central 14-II (Pug wreck)
Max depth: 119fsw
Runtime 70 minutes
Visibility: 15-20ft
Water Temp: 44f bottom Deco: 53-54f

Chester Poling (stern). Very large lumpfish.
Max depth: 97fsw
Runtime 61 minutes
Visibility: 20-25ft
Water Temp: 46f (bottom)
Deco: 52-54f


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