Morning and afternoon charters aboard Daybreaker


I was scheduled to crew for both the morning and afternoon charters this Saturday aboard the Daybreaker with Matt.    The morning charter was scheduled to go to the Big Fantastic Wall (BFW) and Diver’s Choice and the afternoon charter was scheduled to go to Halfway Rock and then back to Big Fantastic Wall (BFW) again. On the morning charter we had a full boat combined with an advanced nitrox/deco procedures class being taught in sidemount. Knowing full well the amount of gear and tanks that typically ends up on…

Great day of lobstering and playing with seals at Dry Salvages!

Me and Annie decided to jump on a charter with some friends on the Daybreaker (Cape Ann Charters).  The conditions and visibility were great.  Visibility was approximately 20-25ft+ with water temperatures in mid-50s at depth. We managed to hit our limit on lobsters (15..) very easily.   We also had a bunch of seal encounters. That is another reason I really like diving at Dry Salvages. The seals are always a lot more curious and friendly compared to Graves Light.