Rebreather surgery completed, kitten even tried helping..

Because my rEvodream (secondary redundant ppO2 monitor) had died on me during my last dive I decided I would do the right thing and install a new one.  When I was in Florida in March I actually bought a brand new “used” rEvodream from AddHelium because I knew my current rEvodream was acting up.  It was basically brand new because someone had removed it to install a Shearwater NERD on their rEvo.

It didn’t take very long to install. Hardest part was fishing cables through. Maybe 1 hour or hour and half because I was going back and forth outside and doing other things.  I was also trying to be careful not to strip the PG7 glands when I installed the new one.  Overall a very easy repair. Essentially a snap in replacement.

Kitten even tried to help..

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