Trip Report: Halfway Rock & Brace Cove with Cape Ann Divers

Dave on Cape Ann Diver II
Josh Cumming's picture of me shows how good the visibility was at Brace Cove
Josh Cumming’s picture of me shows how good the visibility was at Brace Cove

On Sunday I went out with Sang on an afternoon charter with Cape Ann Divers.   Nate, Josh and a few other acquaintances were also scheduled on the same charter.  We had a good group of divers on board. We were originally scheduled to go to the New York Central 14-2 (Pug) but unfortunately the wind was howling out of the west at something like 20-25kts.  Not very fun although the seas we’re too bad at all. We quickly nixed going to the Pug and Capt. Steve decided to tuck behind Halfway Rock for the first dive. We had decent visibility there, about 20-2ft. Me and Sang did a 60 minute dive and didn’t see anyone else until we bumped into Josh/Nate at the end of our dive. I took a short GoPro video.  For the 2nd dive we tucked in out of the swell and seas at Brace Cove. Awesome visibility there though water is still pretty cold so there was not much life to photograph besides divers. Despite the windy conditions it was an excellent day of diving.

Halfway Rock (05/15/2016)
Max depth: 101fsw
Runtime: 61 minutes
Water Temp: 43f
Visibility: 20-25ft

Brace Cove (05/15/2016)
Max depth: 36fsw
Runtime: 55 minutes
Water Temp: 43f
Visibility: 30-40ft+


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